The Passing of a Leadership Generation.

Dear all,
This message came to me today, which I shall preach Sunday and in our convention. The Lord spoke to me today despite all the trials, all the rejections, yet holding divine revelations. The Lord showed me the examples of Paul. The Lord showed us examples of leadership struggles, the leadership even with the revelation, is attacked. The reason being is that they did not understand what Jesus was doing washing the feet of His Disciples. He spoke against a political leadership, based on personal charisma, based on influence, based on finance. This sometimes colours our Churches. Sometimes corrupts.

But this is just the introduction. I have just arrived back, from “heaven” (LOL), Lisbon, not that Lisbon is heaven..hahaha, but we were present in some significant meetings, and we were prayed for. It is some time since I have experienced anything like it. I do not know who has sensed this, experienced this, but there is a SPIRITUAL TIREDNESS that comes on you. I was experiencing this, even having strong dizzy spells in the day.

The Lord spoke to me clearly. He told me that we are still in a season of a leadership of Saul; which is a leadership that IS ASKED OF THE LORD, YET THE LORD RESPONDS, BUT WE DO NOT WAIT FOR THE BEST. They that wait on the Lord….yet, in Saul’s day, the people cried out, to be like other nations, crying out for leadership, yet they were NOT PREPARED TO WAIT. Then God responds, and it caused much pain to the nation! If we do not learn to wait, we get an Ishmael, a Saul. God did speak to the nation, about a LEADER AFTER HIS OWN HEART, but Saul was not this. He was disobedient. He was gifted by the Lord, even operated in the anointing. Yet there came a day when this PRESENCE WAS WITHDRAWN FROM HIM, and transferred to David.

How many of our leaders are in this position today?

But if you think David stepped onto the Throne, you are mistaken. He had to wait 20 years for the full fulfilment of the Word of the Lord. He spent the first 13 years persecuted by leaders, hunted down. He even had the opportunity to take the leadership by force. How many do this today?

The cave became his home, where the anointing drew the losers, the downhearted, the broken, to become the new leadership generation!!!! They became brave, became powerful.

When we consider what God did to Saul its amazing. God took time, then in one day God resolved to take Saul. In one day, what had taken years, was resolved.

David did not get an invite to the throne. The people were so hurt and wounded, that they could not recognize the new leadership generation. God had to heal them, and cause them to recognize the Lord’s choice. How many of the flock are wounded?

The day will come. But think about Hebron a moment. He reigned there for 7 years. His palace stood on the mountain looking down on Jerusalem, David never losing the vision. Yet one day the WHOLE NATION recognized God’s choice.

The day is coming, but be patient. Do not be weary. The Lord is working, however unseen it is. But we cannot murmur, we cannot try to remove a corrupt leadership. We must trust the anointing that God gave us. There is a time, there is a place, and a way.

This is what the Lord gave me.

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