A Balanced Tribute to Michael Jackson


I think almost everyone in one way or another have made tributed Michael Jackson over the last 11 days. When you think that he is no longer with us, strikes a chord in everyone. In one way or another he has impacted at least 3 generations. We have all grown up with his music, including his career with the Jackson 5. Then a solo career. I cannot deny that I am sad. I cannot deny that I have an emptiness since he has died. I was anticipating the new album, which had been awaited by many. It just seems so sad that his life was cut so short.

It gives us food for thought, that life is so fragile, in that we can be laughing one minute, then suffering a cardiac arrest the next.

The Bible says that death is only a passage from one place, and one dimension to another. This passage is conditional on our position in this life, whether we subjected ourselves to Christ, who is the only way to heaven, or we lived our life our way. This leads to eternal separation from God.

What we know is that if Michael in his dying, was in the position of having Christ in his life, he is right now with the Lord, singing new songs. You can just imagine it, such beautiful voice that he had here, what would it be like there.

Today is his funeral and memorial celebration. Let us remember him as someone who impacted generations with his music, and pray that his soul would have indeed found eternal rest!

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