Unholy Alliances

I have been reading about King Jehoshaphat, who was a good king, but he lacked discernment. he was allied to ungodly kings, who brought downfall to some of his projects. Particularly thinking of the ships that were constructed. The prophet came to rebuke him for it, and the ships were destroyed.

How many of us are constructing our “ships” allied to “corrupt and ungodly investors.” They can even be Christian ministers, but they are corrupted by their sense of power and money. There is nothing more than corrupting a ministry like money. Much manipulation is effected through money. It is a root, says the scripture, and its this root that today dictates to many people’s destinies.

We need as leaders to be careful who we ally to. This is not a message to inspire isolation. Rather, it is to appeal for discernment when EMBARKING ON JOINT PROJECTS. Not all of them are invested in for pure motives. It is here where the truth lies, in our motivation.

Jesus, when He looks into our heart, He sees our motivation. If our motivation does not line up with our words or actions, we are lying. We are lying to God, ourselves and others. It is this core motivation which God judges severely in that Last Day.

What God encourages is the unity that comes from the Holy Spirit. It is a unity that does not defy individuality. It respects ministry, destiny.

Let us ask God to show us, who, and what their motivation is, before we enter into any kind of covenant or alliance. There are many false prophets. There are many seeking money, without righteousness.


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