Joseph Times

Dear all,

Was examining the scriptures concerning famine, and more importantly what God says globally concerning it. I want to share this Word to encourage you, to lift you, from the deadening, buffetting of the media which cries “crisis” everytime you listen to the news.
1. First of all God always WARNS that famine is coming!
Seems to me that famine is part of God’s timeclock. But God who knows it is coming gives us some specific facts:
a) God allows famine to appear to discipline the heathen that their dependence cannot be on the work of their hands, but God’s capacity and gift to us to MAKE WEALTH.
b) God uses famine to show the world that His children, His people are looked after. It is testimony of the reality of God, and His care.
2. God prepares a man with wisdom and strategy
God always sends “someone” ahead to prepare our way. God sent Joseph before, to make the transition from Israel to Goshen. God used Joseph not only to prophesy the famine, but provide the strategy we must use in it. Many hyper faith people say we should deny the crisis and its operation. Yet God sees it coming, provides a man, prepared in toughness, to bring forth a strategy that sustains through the famine.
3. God uses the famine to raise up a people ready for ultimate deliverance.
The famine caused a family to transition into a nation. God prospered them DESPITE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES. They became more and more prosperous than all of Egypt. It was a sign. How much more today, God will prepare us to testify of God’s goodness in crisis time. They were being made ready to leave Egypt. So are we, as the Church are being prepared for leaving this earth.
So if you are suffering today, maybe you are being prepared to be a Joseph. God wants to speak to you in visions and dreams so that this will put you onto a new platform of authority.
Some of you may relocate at this time, but your wisdom, your vision even in this time will cause you to change a national destiny.

Some of you who have been humiliated so long will come into the “palaces” to be heard and your head lifted up. The Lord will bless you for your years of faithfulness in that noone saw or heard from you. That time has come.

So instead of us preparing for the worst, let us prepare for the best.
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