The Miraculous Realm

The Miraculous Realm
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The miraculous realm is where we all need to be more than ever before. Right now before the difficulties, when all seems black, when all seems difficult there is a realm, I like to call, the “eye of the storm.”

I remember vividly the first journey here to Portugal, when I had to trust God for the finances, there was a battle for days. I lived in Brixham at the time as it was in 1991. The Lord promised I would go. I lived and breathed Portugal. This was over a week. I simply felt in my spirit that I was going. In fact a partner sent some money from London, but every time I went to the bank, they would say…nothing is in the account.

One particular day, as is our humanity so tried in situations of faith, I had to lay it down. So I prepared the altar of prayer, and said, OK Lord, if I am not going ok. As the weight of this fell away, the Lord said, go to the bank.

When I got to the bank, I was met by the same man who told me, not arrived yet. I could not understand it. I just prayed. Then all of a sudden, I knew that the breakthrough had come. There was no evidence of it, physically speaking, but spiritually, I sensed HEAVEN OPEN!!!

Then all of a sudden this man went upstairs. Came down with a piece of paper. He said this money has been here 2 days by computer. I knew God wanted to hold me back for a lesson.

The thing I want to focus, is the spiritual experience. I saw the heavens open, the miracle was released. There is much warfare that surrounds a miracle.

The other thing is the realm I had stepped into. It seemed that a new anointing had come with it. I began to go into a realm of the Spirit where hearts were laid bare. It accompanied me to Portugal. Gladly to say EVERYTHING THAT GOD SHOWED ME ABOUT MY FUTURE HERE FROM 1991 CAME TO PASS.

It was on that trip that God confirmed to me who my wife would be. We married in 1995. I am now here going on 15 years, with more of grey hairs, a son and a daughter. I am happy fulfilling my destiny. God is good.

You can see details in .

The Lord will open up to us the realm of miracles as we move in Him, in obedience, and when we trust Him when He teaches us to trust Him. I knew I had received my miracle by faith, and when the Lord had trained my spirit to understand the walk of faith, then my miracle came forth before my eyes. You need a miracle today? Then walk in possession of your miracle in your spirit, confirmed by His Word.

It will manifest in His Appointed Time!!!


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