Leadership Ethics and Major Errors

I am writing this in anticipation of September 11th and 12th. There will be another training weekend of One Million Leaders. This is to train up true, honest leaders and ministry.

The major weakness and barrier that prevents revival is leadership. Many times leaders are chosen NOT on the basis of gifting but influence and being good contributors to the church budget. They only become shareholders, who dictate church decisions based on wordly and fleshy agendas.

Leaders no longer speak the truth, but send subliminal and indirect messages, speak about the lives of others. They destroy integrity, and turn others against others in silent judgment. It sounds heavy I know, but in 22 years of ministry I have seen this happen.

God speaks against these pastors in Ezekiel 36. He speaks against the lack of love. He speaks against the lack of care.

I was in Lisbon recently, where Marcos Witt presented the project One Million Leaders. He preached concerning this current generation of Leaders. They want title, want power, but forgot love and servanthood. Many pastors left the venue angry. Hurriedly went away. I rejoiced that he had the courage to expose this kind of leadership.

I would add this: an unspoken judgment against fellow leaders is as witchcraft, because that which is unspoken gives place for manipulation of the mindset of others. Reflect on this.

God bless you.


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