Lack of Innovation

I am writing this here on Portugal Fire! Ministries wordpress site because it is also a problem that affects me here.

I was speaking with a fellow minister here, concerning financing of his ministry and Church. He has branched out into exciting horizons. I have attempted to do this through many of our opportunities, many of our strategies for revival, but the Local Church is in a crisis. It has accomodated in its congregation the members of CRISIS. This is financial, but it is much more than that…it is moral. It is spiritual.

The worst scenario is the “feel good factor” we are creating in our Christianity. This means the local Church no longer thinks about projects to benefit members and contemporary society. Rather we are grabbing at a gospel of prosperity hoping that members will grasp it and keep our “monster”.


1. Innovation requires divine revelation.
2. Innovation requires personal challenge not laziness in comfortable and traditional moulds of ministry.
3. Innovation means giving value at a new pattern of mental processes.
4. Innovation means choosing the right moment.
5. Innovation means entrusting others with our “dream.”
6. Innovation means we depend on God for sustenance and creativity, and on others so that we fulfil others’ destiny than just our own: AVOIDING A SELFISH PURSUIT OF VANITY!!!
7. Innovation is a wisdom to see a vacuum and fill it with goodness (vision).

This material gives hours of meditation but is to simply show you WHERE I AM AND WHERE I AM GOING!!!!


  1. #1 by Vegod Dutt on July 23, 2009 - 12:16 pm

    Awesome word, V

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