Innovation Part 1

I started this theme concerning innovation yesterday. One example of innovation is the way I am publishing these articles. I am using the WordPress application for Blackberry. It is amazing.

A friend of mine over 2 years ago prophesied that there will be an explosion of mobile technology. And with 2008 and 3G technology mobile internet and email apps, the growth of Facebook and Myspace, we can only see that technology is advancing fast.

Innovation is PIONEERING where and which noone has done before. The saturation of same message, same format, is no longer permissible. There are many niches that need to be sought out. No better than sought in prayer and meditation of the Word. Innovation is in the Word, no doubt!!!

Our source for innovation comes from divine revelation. Divine revelation comes from seeking God and ceasing from giving into the world’s demands! Yes it is a discipline. Like the art of meditation! I think with modern day society we have lost this art.

Mary opted to be at Jesus’ feet. Martha was too busy to savour an eternal privelege, have Jesus in her home. The Creator of the Universe came to her home TO GIVE HER ETERNAL FOOD! She did not see this. When we see that the same Jesus knew how to fill Peter’s nets, so in the marketplace He will fill our minds with creativity! How much more make appear coins in the mouth of a fish.

So Innovation is found through God revealing Himself to us!

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