This ministry is not was entrusted to us by God Himself. We have no hidden agendas. We have no manipulative ways, but we have to trust in God. But this ministry does not have an ordinary income. This ministry is built simply based on the premise, TRUSTING THE LORD. And who trusts in the Lord will not be ashamed.

We are currently involved with one vision, revival in Portugal, that is that the true Lordship of Christ be manifest. So when you’re reading our posts, or read of our vision you are directly involved with a nation destiny, not only so, but God will show you principles for your own nation. This is important when it comes to partnership.

Partnership is far more than just asking for finance. It is asking for armourbearers, it is asking for those with a GIFTING ministry to gift us with blessing, enabling us to move on further.

Because many have lost the vision for this I am going to put it plainly on this post.

1. Partnership is brother and sisterhood in the purest terms, in love, in obedience.

2. Partnership is investing in the One who entrusted us with this ministry. This means that you give to God, entrusting to us the capacity to continue in our progression to fulfilment of God’s will. Therefore your contract to give to us, is made first before God.

3. Partnership brings you a blessing, not always financial. I believe that if we sanctify your gift by prayer, you will receive a blessing. It is part of your covenant. Your covenant is with God, not us, whilst your commitment is with us, the commitment based on faith in the covenant.

4. Do not embark on giving or partnership if you are not willing to carry it through. So many of us, ministers, have been so abused by false promises. I have many of them in all my time of ministry. It is difficult to live with. It disturbs the faith and expectation of families, and shows little concern or fear of God.

You can partner with us by sending an email to . Or alternatively you can send a one time or constant gift to Paypal to email reference .

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