Readjustment of mentality: Innovation part 2

Dear all,
I am writing this on a special day. My civil wedding anniversary.

I want to broach the mentalities present today. The first MENTALITY is that of selfishness based on the instinct of survival. Everyone speaks about crisis, crisis management, which turns us to pay more attention to ourselves. Our own survival. We forget others. This is going against the Word of God. We must not forget the widows, the orphans and the Levites of the House of God. But we have!!!

The Levites are those joined to God, for service. Ever more are ministers having to find other means to survive. Is it right that we spend much of our time searching for finance? No!

So what should our MENTALITY be in this scenario? We should get back to the Word. The reason for this crisis is the fruit of greed for years and years.

Another mentality is my PURSUIT FOR COMFORT. I have seen this as the most abhorable state before the self denial taught by Jesus. I knew of a family which based success in ministry by financial gain, the man had to leave the ministry in the end, because he had to serve the need of comfort now. I tell you, those who seek comfort now, shall know the torment of the lake of fire in eternity.

This comfort seeking has caused families to own more than they can afford, and servanthood and sacrifice are shunned.

You can count it as being so rare, this mentality of Biblical sacrifice.

Another MENTALITY is the principle of friendship and communion. This is relating simply to those who like and agree with us. Jesus said we should love our enemies. This requires character. It is far more than saying it, but going out of your way to show love to those who hurt us, oppose us. I tell you this is the hardest one. Once we learn this, we are close to Jesus’ heart.


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