Healing: a Revelation

I have been meditating on the subject of healing. And how many are sick. This is not God’s will for God’s people.

I have been studying the Word concerning healing. I feel our practices, our doctrine concerning healing is wrong. We wonder if it is God’s Will to heal. Then we pray without conviction. Then we ask God for healing.

It is wrong in Biblical lines. Here is the truth.

1. It is God’s Will to heal.
2. Healing has been given 2000 years ago through THE WORK OF CALVARY, so as much as salvation, Baptism of the Spirit, has already been given BY THE FATHER TO JESUS. Jesus gave access to Baptism, healing, salvation through a work that was finished.
3. We should not ask for healing but receive it, and in ministering healing, we should raise the faith of those who are receiving healing, through right teaching. 4. The enemy has blinded us to the truth. We have rights, we have priveleges, therefore, let us receive the truth.

So whoever is sick, we must preach truth and we must minister and declare healing in the name of Jesus.

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