Emergency Update

I am writing this because since we founded Fire! Ministries and its various country teams, we have never had such a backlash from what I can only discern as being a prince from the spiritual dimension.

I am talking about specific symptoms, that leave even strong believers a little confused. Many suggest leaving the country, moving, but I have no Word from the Lord regarding this. Not only that, why I should I be destroyed to show me my time is over? God has many ways to get my attention. I do not believe for one moment that we are to make any radical decision right now.

I can only determine that the depth of attack on our finances, our health is due to a greater impact in the Spirit in the nations, where God is our only source of help! It is too great for the flesh! Many complain! Many like the children of Israel complain at the desert, despising even the angelic food given to them!!! We are trained to give thanks and embrace a higher form of trust. When this is learnt then there is a great release!!!!!!

My heart is rejoicing as I write this because I have come to seeing into the Spirit seeing how the alabaster box was broken to flow out the most beautiful fragrance that fills all places. Who remembers that box when the perfumes fill the house? Noone! So it is with us. It is most amazing.

These are the messages that have come into my spirit in this hard time. Feel free to republish. To email me on russell.durose@hotmail.com and I will respond to you. Promotion is coming. But for it to come, we must be down in the depths so that noone will boast!!!

Russell Durose
Paypal: radurose@aol.com

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