Last Days Outpouring

Dear all,
“In the last days…”
These are the last days. These are the very last of the last days. What reigns more and more in those last days is CHAOS in the world and COVENANT in the Church, in Israel. Whilst I am writing this the Lord is speaking to me that the time has come to sit down with the Jews and other lost tribes.

The Lord has got a plan that EXTENDS to the other 11 tribes. The Lord says; “Its time to set the table…” and He says : ” its time to reveal my Holy Mountain.” (Micah 2)

The Lord will alight on some, bringing them into revelation knowledge of their heritage. They will be drawn out afresh into a new covenant.

” I shall pour out…” God shall pour out, but what? In Acts 2 we see a firstfruit harvest of a former rain, then with this new latter rain outpouring we’re going to see a major harvest like we never saw…

What I see on your ministries is harvest now…I see projects coming to life like dry bones. The Spirit is coming to bring life. The dry bones is religion, empty faith devoid of spiritual life. It is going through a mechanism. But that is going to change.

Pouring out beyond measure. Raising up a new generation.

“My Spirit….” He is vital to who we are, the very air we breathe. Without Him, we are dead. He is grieved with denominational churches because they limit Him! He is going to alight on His Covenant people. He is the forerunner of Jesus…He is moving over the waters of this creation to bring something new.

Receive it, it is this season.


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