Do not reject the gates and doors

“Lift up your heads O You Gates, and let the King come in…open up you everlasting Doors…” Psalm 24.

The Lord has put me in contact with a man from Israel, that I can only describe as being a modern day prophet to his people. I sense something very deep in the Spirit.

The Lord showed me the position of Israel in end time dispensation. He says that they are EVERLASTING doors. Psalm 24 shows us the coming of Yeshua. The gates and doors of Israel, their recognition of the 0ne they pierced is key to this event. When God gathers His People, He reveals Himself. When He reveals Himself there will rise up a cry like never heard before in Jerusalem. (Zechariah 12:10). The time for the Gentiles to come to be grafted in is ALMOST over.

But I heard the Lord say: “Do not reject the doors and gates. They are instrumental in the turning of My Purpose. They will cause Me to come into Creation, to abolish this one and bring in the New. So the Gates are everlasting because they are 12 placed around the Eternal City. If you reject them you have no entry.”

I know its a radical word. But its from the Lord. Send your feedback. Because we are part of this purpose. We are the provocation.


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