And it came into his heart to visit his brethren

It came into his mind…Russell DuroseSep 1, 2009″But when he was approaching the age of forty, it entered his mind to visit his brethren, the sons of Israel” Acts 7.The Lord put this phrase into my mind this week. I know that this has a double meaning. It has an end time application.The Lord is calling us to see that we are fast approaching the very end. In this context we must see the centrality of Israel; which is not to be confused with the secular nation. Israel is Jacob, and his 12 sons which make up the 12 tribes. This is central to establishing a correct understanding.We have focussed merely on 2 tribes, and God has allowed us for a time to forget the others. They are hidden to the world. Seems they are reserved for a personal meeting between them all and their Messiah. Something that no nation can stop.But God this week brought me to a new understanding, in such a way, I can only sit beneath His Feet like Mary, whilst the Marthas center on activity.The Lord showed me that just has Moses had something come into his heart, to visit his brethren, Israel, so God will call the tribes like Moses. Moses was assumed as an Egyptian, but in the hour appointed “something came into his heart.”What?1. His Identity; with God’s covenant people. 2. His Purpose: to be deliverer of God’s people to their final resting place.I believe that there is a generation that is being called. They sense a stirring in their spirit. They do not know their true identity. But God will reveal it. A sense of destiny and calling will come.This can be also applicable to God’s prophetic people, who identify with something that “comes into their heart.” This can be divisive amongst those who do not discern.What I see is the Holy Spirit bringing us a refreshed sense of identity and purpose. Let us hear God. Let us not be hasty like Moses to fulfil that calling before the time. That way we may be trained…many are still in the wilderness being broken.I encourage you to republish this message as a prophecy, apply it and meditate on it. Russell Durose

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