A change in mentality is the key for End Time effectiveness

Dear brethren,

This email is reaching to you because God commanded me to send to you specifically.

The context of my publishing these messages is that I have faced in my own family, my own life, my own ministry a real deep intercession, a real heart search before the Lord. The time of health of my wife, failing, caused us to lack essential resources. But instead of just focussing on circumstances I must turn to what is happening in the realm of the Spirit.

In the realm of the Spirit I am seeing a mighty prophetic outpouring on His Ministers, and on His Intercessors. This outpouring is preparing us for a new miraculous season, of signs and wonders. But in it, I see the Lord treating with us deeply, because there are obstacles that prevent us from coming into a new move of the Spirit.

I believe we have “westernized” Christianity. We have come away from the essence of our faith! The Lord has gently led me in ministry to make a complete appraisal of my faith, a complete revision of ministry.

The Lord showed me the difference between the Greek mindset and the Hebrew. We have adopted the Greek mindset.

Let us see the difference.

1. Greek mentality: rational, division between secular and spiritual, philosophical, scientific.
2. Hebrew mentality: spiritual as being a unity between all aspects of life, which explains what philosophy and science does not reach by research, but gets to the truth by revelation.

The Lord has given me the passage of Joshua 1 to undergird what He is saying to me.

What I am saying that some of our rationality opens the door for unbelief, and our philosophy opens the door for doubt. Mainly in the West miracles and healings are NOT commonplace! Why? It has got to do with mindset!!!!

Go to Africa, the spiritual is as real as the physical, hence the reality of revival there! Look at UK and Europe, the seat of the renaissence. This only opened the doors to unbelief, where we only move in spiritual dimensions and thinking when we have signs, and visible ones at that!

Jesus said SIGNS FOLLOW those who believe. Believing is the condition.

So what do we do?

I believe we need to acknowledge our need to de-Westernize our faith, after all our faith comes from the Hebrews!

We need to ask God to deliver us from our Greek mentality, and lead us in pathways of His Mind, the Mind of Christ.

I feel and know God is going to work miracles in us.

A change in our mentality is key to permanent success!

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