We at Portugal Fire! Ministries have been through a very dark time, but a very meaningful time too. We have seen a process in the same way as 2 Corinthians 4, which Paul talks about being hard pressed, persecuted, with every negative experience there has been a positive. I can fully share this in our own experience. There are times when we are hard pressed indeed. But we are not abandoned. This is truly the situation. It may seem that the pressure is so great. Under pressure is such a common state that songs have been written about it.

Some thrive on pressure because of adrenaline, and how it causes the blood to race around the body. But the same adrenaline that pushes the necessary in the end destroys, because the body is not meant to live on adrenaline every day.

I have seen that God teaches me not to despise the smallest blessings of the day. The last few days, I have taken a trip up to a local beauty spot to pray. It has been so refreshing I tell you.

Even my own Blackberry provider had made my account limitted, by the end of two days, I had used up all my allowed quota, using it for posting here for blogging. Now I have the use of an unlimitted server, so I can now blog, write teaching, publish articles all on the same small pda equipment. A blessing indeed.

God says in Zechariah 4 that we cannot despise the day of small things. This way when the big things come we are blessed and grateful beyond words. God loves gratefulness, and gratefulness is love expressed with thanks.

So when we’re hard pressed, look for the small things, and learn to be thankful.

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