When Jesus Appears

Dear all,
I was looking the other night at a Brazilian prophetic worship channel on the internet. The Glory filled the whole room. I received a prophetic message.
In John 2 its not by chance that the first miracle is the water being changed into new wine.

1. When Jesus appears He provides our lack: That is what is fundamental to us, our family, our ministry, that without it brings shame, Jesus comes and turns our promises into the spontaneity, love, joy in the Spirit. Have you noticed that when joy comes from the Lord, it is accompanied by faith?
2. When Jesus appears He brings us back to our motive of joy; that we are joined to Him by covenant. The wedding symbolizes this. Sometimes with contrary circumstances we forget the motive of our joy. We must recover the joy of our salvation.
3. When Jesus appears we find the reason for living. He becomes our all. We forget common and mediocre purposes in life.

So when Jesus appears miracles happen. Amen?

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