Urgent message from Pastor Ian Johnson, New Zealand


Russell Durose – Portugal Fire Ministries
Russell & his wife Paula have been the object of a consistent campaign
against our vision to see revival. Paula’s health is precarious. Russells
health has suffered too. They have a blockade on our income from the
ministry where their donors either have been bankrupted, or have major
difficulties. TodayRussell was discharged from hospital having had suspected
ulcers and kidney stones. They must pay 250usd to pay for all treatment
received. We ask therefore that intercessors, pastors, 5fold, ministries,
stand with them. They are also in danger of losing their home. they need
2000euros urgently! Paula is still going into hospital for specialist
to dontate send via paypal radurose@aol.com

Vegod & Ali Dutt – Revival Glory fire Ministries (Queensland Aust)
Vegod is currently in hospital with a severe infection and he and his wife
Ali need our support. They have lost their home in New Zealand and while
Vegod is in hospital they have no income please support them
to donate send via paypal gloryrevivalfire@gmail.com


  1. #1 by psalms on September 17, 2010 - 10:26 am



    Dear pastor:

    Respected sir,
    I greet u in the name of living”JESUS CHRIST”.I’am psalms a ordinary human being,god as encouraged me to write this letter to u.From past four years onwards god as blessed me he had given me a talent of dreaming,what ever I dream till now its came true.I wanna share one incident vth u,one day I got an dream about my dad,he is dead and am crying,I suddenly woke up and started crying but I didn’t told to anyone.Just vth in one month my dad has expired,I cried a lot but I thought that its god wish to take my dad ,who am i to object he has given and he had taken just i praised god.Dear sir the main intension of me is that, recently i got an dream,in that the n number of “WILD BEAST”were came to earth and killing the humanbeings vigoursly,at the same time a n number of flee’s just like grasshooper were attacking the people.I scared a lot by this dream i took lite and I didn’t told to anyone but now my heart is striking me to tell this dream to the entire world.Dear pastor god has blessed u a lot, why can’t u speed up more to preach gospel?please don’t neglect this letter try to preach gospel as possible as u can.please spread the gospel to the unreached millions we will surely meet one day vth the grace of the living god.If I’ll give u any false letter then I’ll surely die vth in one month but if u believe its an true letter then please for the world.

    Thanking u

    Yours sincerely

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