The wineskin of the New Testament is symbolic of the structure of faith expressed by the people. Jesus speaks of the wineskin having to be new. This means throwing out the old, and using a new one to pour in. The pouring in must be always anointed wineskin. Where there is no anointing there is no new wine. There also cannot be new wine where there is no anointing.

So the question to ask, is my wineskin, my ministry, church anointed? If so prepare for the new wine!

This is our challenge in Portugal. We have an old wineskin. We minister in a comfortable box called a Church. If we are not pastors of a church, we do not have a call to ministry.

This is for northern and central parts of the Country. For Lisbon we see the appearence of the word “apostolic”, which means the apostolic anointing is rubbing into some, taking them out of religious rigidity.

The pressure is enormous to change the paradigm! Join us and stand with us!!!

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