Ask of Me…And I shall Give…The Nations…as an Inheritance

Psalm 2 is precisely the Psalm which the apostles prayed in Acts 4. In Acts 4 we read that a new level of New Wine was poured into them. I heard the Lord speak this Word to me to publish.

The Lord broke up verse 8. It is a paradigm shift.

1. Ask of Me: God challenges us to ask, believing He will give and believing that we will receive. How many of us miss this very fact because we have been let down by our parents, our brothers and sisters. To ask requires faith, but also requires humility. We need to be renewed in our thinking in that sons have natural rights, how much more spiritual sons.

2. And I will give: He will give, is a imperative and inevitable part of those operating in the Spirit. We must know what He promises and know He acts when we ask.

3. The Nations: Egypt was the nation God gave Israel to plunder and subdue, and through Christ we will subdue ruling princes, because if we ask the King of kings for the nations He will give us the authority to receive it. In fact to dominate there, taking possession. And it being ours.

4. As an inheritance: God gave us predetermined inheritances, some are given, some are taken in warfare, some are given over to us, others we are authority over. God has an inheritance GUARANTEED BY THE SPIRIT, Ephesians 4.

Therefore in taking possession of these keys in our spiritual life we can change the influences from those that determine our lives to the world’s standards or by the Word which not only recognizes that what is influencing right now is mammon, infirmity and fear, is to be broken as we come again into the revelation of our sonship!!!

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