Unblocking the wells of Covenant

Isaac’s wells

Genesis 26

Here we see Isaac unblock the wells of Abraham. We see Isaac take possession of generational blessing. The covenant was passed down. But just possessing the promise was not enough. The wells of blessing were blocked by the enemy. Isaac had to unblock them.

How much more in our day?

How many wells have been blocked to us?

Has the “ministry” well ceased to flow in the anointing because the “enemy” threw stones of unbelief, offense, ill health, depression were thrown into our “well”?

Has the “financial” well ceased giving because the enemy threw poverty and mammon into our well? We cease sowing because our lives no longer experience 1) the joy of giving 2) generosity of giving 3) faith in giving. All this brings us into financial ruin.

This is important to note, because giving is a big area.

I believe that many times in our ministry the enemy comes to CONTEND against our blessing. Sometimes our brothers and sisters bring HATRED because of jealousy.

So what are they contending? They want a share of what they were not ordained for. Sanballat wanted to share in Nehemiah’s work. Nehemiah saw into his heart and saw greed, pride, idolatry. And this disqualified. How much more here. But instead of hanging onto that well Isaac went to dig again. How apt. How many hang onto former blessings, stay in churches when all they had in spiritual ministry and gifting was cut away from them. Isaac had the courage to STEP away and let them take possession. Why should he strive over one well, when his Covenant with God is greater than a mere well. His covenant flows down to us today almost 5000 years on!!!!!

It is time to step away from spiritual death! It is time to step away from fellowshipping in contention.

When the enemy saw Isaac dig and find water again, a prosperous well, they came and strove for it. They hated his success! What envy can do!!! So when we are successful how many knife us in the back. But what was Isaac’s attitude? He stepped away, went elsewhere. Jesus says we must wipe, shake off the dust!!

God made room and gave rest
This time the Lord gave Isaac a well and gave him rest. The Lord made the enemy stay far away! I believe we have come to that time. Let us call for God’s rest. Let us call for His well of fellowship and rest!!! Amen?

  1. #1 by camilla on November 16, 2009 - 12:51 am

    Greetings in the Precious name of Jesus some wells are blocked because of the condtions of our heart brillant article pls send this to my e-mail address

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