Dear all,We go out on mission this weekend. Many of the ministries and pastors are passing through very serious financial problems. Many of their families are going hungry too. It is very easy to say for them to get a job but when jobs do not exist, or they have no qualifications then there is no chance.Currently here, the unemployment rate is 10%. The bankrupcies of companies is collossal disaster. For example, Qimonda, German company is the only manufacturer of silicon chips and processors, is almost bankrupt. They have almost laid off 1500 people. Both German and Portuguese governments were unable to save the company.We are going to be ministering against the crisis from a Biblical standpoint. We have our Breakthrough Team to minister and we shall be trying to pray in funds.We invite you to sow into this ministry. You can donate using Paypal using our address . We are needing 450 euros today to fulfil needs of ministry. This is a ministry that depends and works on the premise of God’s call and His confirming by touching His People to contribute. We have had some people say they were ashamed to give 20. We say donate whatever you desire.Help us to help and sow joy to others!

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