On the Highest Point of the Nation of Portugal, for Portugal, for Israel, for the nations…


 I saw a mighty army being led by the Lord of hosts In the mountains over looking the land of Portugal.The Lord of Hosts was in front with a mighty banner. It was an ancient banner of victory for Portugal. The banner was blue with a white rampant Lion on it and the army was full of glory because of its King. There is a determination in the realm of glory to see the Kings authority established. Russell Durose a minister in Portugal tells me the highest mountain in Portugal is just one hours drive from his place and he has decided to go up the mountain and declare the glory of the Lord over the land.

  I believe there is a mighty victory to be had for Russell & Paula & for the nation of Portugal there on the mountain. Something very significant is about to break out in Portugal. But what I have seen tonight gives me hope that the answer has arrived in the land. The army is about to move down the mountain and into the lowlands, valleys and fields of Portugal. Sweeping all in its path. New wine in a season of new wine!  An ancient door of hope is being opened for Portugal and all of Europe, even in the midst of the great darkness that abounds.

 Portugal lost most of its power in the 1755 earthquake and never recovered and has descended into a turmoil of religious life. The mantle that has laid bare for over 250 years is rising again because the King of Glory has arrived to rule. check out my web-site for previous dreams & revelations concerning Portugal. Amos 3:8 The Lion has roared tremble in fear, the sovereign Lord has spoken, I dare not refuse to proclaim his message. Shalom.Ian Johnson – ianjohn@xtra.co.nzwww.hisamazinggloryministries.org
 Russell Durose went up to the mountain to proclaim this victory and received the following word. GATES OF GLORY – Russell Durose radurose@aol.com  on top of the mountain in Portugal received this word.

 “Lift up ye heads O ye Gates, be lifted up you everlasting Doors, and let the King of Glory come in.”  The Lord is calling His Prophets. He is moving and brooding over those whose ear is sensitive to the Moving of His Spirit, with wheels within wheels. The Lord is sending an army to the nations to make way for the King of Glory. Whatever gate is closed be lifted up, and opened in the Spirit today.

That the warrior angels, the archangels come and take their place and oust old and firm strongholds and castles of darkness. come before the Lord and recognize who is this king of Glory. The Lord showed me today what is Glory. Glory is the realm where all that spiritual lives and is, and all the prayers, all that is invisible in the earthly realm is visible in the Spirit.

The Lord tells me today, here on this mountain, that He is desirous to show us into that Glory. To go into that GLORY we must acknowledge WHO is the King of Glory, and let Him in. The Gates are those things which prevent us from entering. The doors are the places that are closed. The Lord says, Do not close me out. If you stay in the blindness, not knowing MY GLORY, the faith you have will be at best be letter and dead. OPEN your eyes… And see your King. Let Him in…who is King no one can resist. The Lord is about to show us in the Glory who He is. Moses asked SHOW ME your Glory. God said I will. He was then empowered to carry on to the Promised Land. Even though he fell short, he lived miraculously each day.

 In your ministry, you see into His Glory, and see FIRE burning sin, burning out sickness, demons scream at the intensity. When you are in the GLORY you see exactly who will be healed, and what they will be healed of. You will see who needs a prophetic word, who needs a miracle, and the Word that is in your mouth shall bring forth the miracle like when God said ” Let there be LIGHT.” God says; ” a miracle is you being brought by faith into that Glory realm where He can act.” When there is no GLORY there is no reviving, delivering, no provision. I want to pray:Lord I declare to all who will read this shall know WHO is the KING of Glory. We command all gates to be lifted up in people’s lives, doors opened to miracles and healings and provisions.

We declare a RELEASE of warrior angels to go through the nations to release the people of God. We declare to the DOORS to open, be lifted. WE DECLARE a loosing of Holy Ghost fire, to break, to heal, to empower your servants. WE WELCOME YOU, KING of GLORY, come in NOW and take your PLACE. As King in YOUR GLORY. Amen. RUSSELL DUROSE


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