Intense Intercession for Intervention Campaign: 26 October- 4th November 2009

The Lord caused me to sense and see the reaction of heaven itself to the Divine Call.

It is an OPERATION of Heaven itself called;


It is a combination of angelic reaction forces and human intercession agents.

I saw us beneath the Throne crying out. An angel came and poured our prayers on the celestial altar. As the smoke went up I heard a voice say: IT IS ENOUGH. I saw a new activity in heaven.

Why 10 days? Because between Jesus ascending and the Spirit descending was this space in time. The Lord indicates that what ASCENDS will dictate to what will DESCEND.

The Lord told me not to be surprised at news of a Tsunami or earthquake in the next 10 days, but something is about to happen as a sign. The Lord says its time for FEAR in His Temple!

The Lord says YOU ARE NOT MOVING HEAVEN but HEAVEN is MOVING you!!!! There shall be relocations, closing down of businesses to make way for new resourcing.

Shalom! Maranatha!

Russell Durose

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