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What God is saying about 2010

I am still in the throes of seasonal flu, not the piggy flu which is mostly publicised. It reminds me of the dancing pig found on Live Messenger. But I was going to post this yesterday after being at our Church. It did not happen. I got worse with the flu. So I fell asleep […]

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The Real Reason Behind the Credit Crunch

The Real Reason for the Credit Crunch I am sitting here waiting for the doctor, and a waiting room full of sick and afflicted people with the flu. Some of it is the seasonal virus. Some is the H1N1 strain. But I will take this waiting time for writing. I had let much data pass […]


The dangers of False Prophecy

Both Paula and I have been exposed to much false prophecy recently. When one is passing through a great proving one must be careful in who we trust. It is very painful that we still have “Job’s comforters” in our midst! God hates it. They surmise what God is not doing, take scripture out of […]

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How long will you mourn…fill your horn…I will send you

How Long will you mourn…fill your horn with oil…and I will send you… 1 Samuel 16:1 This message is engraved on my spirit for this day…it is a new day!!! How long will you mourn? How long will you live in regrets? The Lord declares an end to the season of “Saul” and declares a […]

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God’s hands in heaven

There was a photo sent to me from a forum. Here it is

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The Power of Transition and Succession

Dear all, When we see what we are living each day, some of the definitions we are actively praying for, sometimes we launch the sigh up to the Lord, the Lord surely has a response. The Lord says it is time for the double portion. The Lord shows us in His Word, the first double […]

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Internet connection

Dear all, Our internet connection is down, due to lack of payment. Our ministry giving has gone down considerably. We ask that you pray for us and if you know the Lord guiding you to give please send via Paypal a donation. Our payment email button can be found on our site: or alternatively […]

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Current Update

I am writing one week into our campaign. It has been very challenging indeed. The Lord has wonderfully worked, but the Lord gave us a 10 day window. In this 10 day window we fully expect full breakthrough. I have experienced the greatest humiliations financially speaking. Generally our support comes in very much during the […]

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