The Power of Transition and Succession

Dear all,
When we see what we are living each day, some of the definitions we are actively praying for, sometimes we launch the sigh up to the Lord, the Lord surely has a response.

The Lord says it is time for the double portion. The Lord shows us in His Word, the first double portion, where Moses died. Joshua 1 shows us the visitation of the Lord to Joshua, announcing; MOSES MY SERVANT IS DEAD.

It may seem obvious. May seem final. But what God is doing is waking up Joshua. Joshua represents the new Generation, represents the completion of transition. Some leaders have helped us till now. Some strategy and vision has helped us, but God says, I am raising up succession. The successor must know that his feet possess what he treads. His authority is given by the Lord.

The second is Elijah and Elisha, when Elijah is to be taken up, who was to succeed was the one who washed the hands of his master. Elisha knew what humiliation was. Now God not only speaks in his spirit that God was about to bring succession, and with it, a double portion of the Spirit. The Lord was testing Elisha. We read this in 2Kings 2. The prophets have a festivity of prophetic revelation, but Elisha would not speak of it. Elisha saw the terrible taking away with the mantle being cast down. Now Elisha moved in a double portion anointing, executing that which Elijah had started. Jezebel and the falsehoods were thrown down. The Lord used Elisha to confront Israel with her sin.

The third occasion we see in Acts 1, Jesus being taken up, in Acts 2 the Outpouring. Acts 3 reads to us the first resistence and Acts 4, the reaction and subsequent shaking and filling.

The Lord wants to say to you that a shaking for a filling is coming. This going to be so strong that signs and wonders will enter into your ministry, and your Church. Why am I shaking now? I am shaking, the Lord says, so that you may be filled with the Spirit afresh, and move in a new authority.

They did not complain, they asked for Jesus’ authority, based in revelation of Psalm 2.

The Lord reveals to me that in some places, in some ministries, in some churches there is a spiritual succession take place. Some mantles are being passed to another. This new leadership generation will do much more than the former. You compare Moses and Joshua. Compare Elijah and Elisha, even Jesus to His Church!!! Jesus said that we would do greater works. Now is the time of release!

Receive it! Shalom.

Russell Durose

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