How long will you mourn…fill your horn…I will send you

How Long will you mourn…fill your horn with oil…and I will send you…
1 Samuel 16:1

This message is engraved on my spirit for this day…it is a new day!!!

How long will you mourn? How long will you live in regrets? The Lord declares an end to the season of “Saul” and declares a season of “David.” What is the season of David?

It is a season where God will bring us close to His Heart!!! To the centre of His Desires!!!

You desire it?

The Lord must deal with you. God has rejected Saul…Saul is empty charismania without character or understanding of God’s ways. You must stop mourning for this “Saul” in your experience. Yes, was you used in the gifts? Did you see that flow stop? I tell you why…He has drawn you to His heart!!! God is tired of those who want His Things without His Heart, without His Fellowship…

God says How Long?! God is waiting…for you!!! How long will you force yourself to live in a season that God CASTS ASIDE?

Fill your horn…God says I want to fill your horn…I want to fill you with my glory…I want to fill you…are you poor, miserable? I want to fill…let Me fill….

The horn…signifies authority, ministry. God is going to fill your ministry with His Glory. This season is a season of His Heart…He is drawing a generation!!! A generation that has no age…

Yesterday I was with our Breakthrough Team ministering and what we saw was a group of older people being as radical and extravagant in their love and seeking of God as much as the young!!!

Fill your horn, because God is about to reveal His mysteries. Only those near to His heart, can understand His Secret.

Fill your horn, because you are going to overturn religious concepts. You are going to see a prepared people anointed for the Lord.

Fill your horn because a new season has come!!!

God is sending you!!! God will send you to anoint…send you to lift from obscurity to a place of service for the Lord.

What I can share is that a new time has come for you…receive it!!! Receive it today!!!!

You shall be sent out! Full!!! Full of revelation. Full of power….amen?

You shall be sent out to affect the destiny of others. So obey.. Be filled with the Jesus breathes into you!!!

For a new time has come! Amen?


Russell Durose

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