What God is saying about 2010

I am still in the throes of seasonal flu, not the piggy flu which is mostly publicised. It reminds me of the dancing pig found on Live Messenger. But I was going to post this yesterday after being at our Church. It did not happen. I got worse with the flu. So I fell asleep at 12 midnight, woke up at 9am this morning.

I must do what I promised.

I posted an article saturday concerning “The Real Reason behind the Credit Crunch.” In my research behind what I saw in Dubai, there was a phrase behind local Dubai news agency, which spoke about the crisis made deeper due to the Dubai currency being pegged to the US dollar! In my spirit the Lord thundered something so profound that I began to see something prophetic. The Lord opened my understanding.

Let us examine some issues in 2010 that will be relevant for 2010.

1. The dependence on the American dollar will be severed. I.E the dependence on trading oil in dollars. This will provoke a deep depression in the US. I believe that this is not a rigid prediction, but conditional on the American church occupying once again the major role in society. This means that the Church must come into intercession and repent for lack of unity, lack of faith and grace, lack of prayer, lack of love. This means if the Church comes back to covenant with God, God will hold back some of the judgments at least for a generation.
2. Some governments will adopt measures which will violate civil liberties. This is a forerunner of a policed and antichrist state.
3. Some so called revivals will become corrupt and cater for the flesh. There will be a rejection of a holiness message. In favour of a comfortable comfort seeking message.
4. Because adults are more prone to stubborness and stiffknecked behaviour, God will raise up prophets of our children. I saw a vision of the jungles of central and South America with children as missionaries to the last remaining tribes who need to hear the Gospel. These children will be used in signs and wonders and God will humble many through their revelation.
5. There will be a world wide famine.
6. Israel will attack Iran. Will withstand world condemnation, but Iran will lie low for a season.
7. Al-Queda will plan a huge campaign which will affect some cities. These will be remembered for years.
8. India and Pakistan will have skirmishes the next year…near spark will be on the brink of a nuclear war. It will be averted by delicate diplomacy.
9. Watch Tony Blair the next year.
10. Price of oil may rise quickly to $100 in 2010 sparking a world crisis.

All these forecasts depend upon the intercession of the saints.

There are some interesting aspects in these 10 points.

Please share feedback!

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