Build me My House and I will build Yours

Build me My House and I will build yours!

Haggai 1

I was reflecting and getting apostolic strategy from the Lord to have keys and training for living victoriously in difficult times. The Lord spoke to me the meaning of this statement:

Build me my House and I will build yours!

How poignant! How do we build God’s House? And how does He build ours?

We build His House the following ways:

1. By our surrender: that is I no longer make myself the priority of my existence.
2. By our faith: we believe that His Promise to us is not for personal benefit but eternal destiny.
3. By our worship: Our worship is the highest form of surrender, but if our lives strive and struggle and crave for the things we think are important, we short circuit what we say is worship, to being a dishonest practice of vanity.
4. By our ministry: is not preaching, teaching, laying on of hands, but ministering to the Heart of God, uniting ourselves unto Him. We are badly mistaken when we are DOING MINISTRY than BEING A MINISTRY.

So those 4 things (not exclusively) I believe contribute to the building of God’s House. So once we start to flow in that, a divine economy will start to flow in and through us. There is a new economy, a new resource that surpasses money and things to be a door closer on curses and death, and a door opener on blessing via a structure of covenant.

So what sort of House will He build us?

It is found in 2Cor12,

1. A house of peace: where strife and confusion do not REIGN. We live and are given rest from the enemy. Peace is not the absence of strife, but is the evidence of the Presence of God.
2. A house of joy: where sadness and depression have no place. Where emotional imbalance has no place.
3. A house of the Holy Spirit: where He is in operation the Kingdom is at work and moving and having being.

The key is to build His House first!!! Look at Solomon, built the house of God, and God gave him rest from his enemies. Maybe the enemy gives us no rest because we are far from God’s objective.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 that our priority is Kingdom. And all the other things will fit into place.

Let us heed this revelation.

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