The individual cult

Worrying trend!

That is what I have come accross the last few days!!! That is if we do not accept the Word of of the Lord into our lives, we claim the right to personal integrity! And personal privacy.

We cannot speak into lives as the prophets of old! We have “lost” that right. In fact to speak into another life, we must gain friendship.

Then there is another side! The side of speaking into lives curses, because those words do not bless, they do not release. They bind, they thwart the Purposes of God.

A worrying trend has been occurring so much, that believers become offended, offend, wound others.

We treat relationships as spiritual politicians. When will it stop?

Only with a revival. Let us pray for this.

Since the 18th century the cult of the individual has made God in the image of man, and this is the ultimate idolatry. Let us ask God to break this.

“In the Beginning God…” Let God establish this again!!!

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