Valtek and Updates

Valtek: Ministry and Business Update
Russell A Durose
Dec 17, 2009

Dear all,I am writing today, as we approach Christmas. Portugal has a wonderful expression of Christmas, with traditional expressions, with strong family values. We are preparing now.

Many of you may not have known that I was taken ill over a week ago with a light heart attack. But now I am medicated and recovering.

I have seen a door open to start a business in the computer area and have started a project called Valtek, which shall look at webdesign, look at Operating system installation and repair, internet and software trouble shooting, and English lessons. These lessons start in January.

We are needing 500euros urgently, which 200 is for registering Valtek as a govt business start up, which will entitle me to 15000 euros of European funds. I need to have this money before the weekend. The other 300 is for my hospital and medicine, Paula’s doctor’s and hospital bill.

We ask first that you pray. The new business is an opportunity to free me from depending on donations to live. Our ministry is a faith effort, but this year our giving has diminished 80%. My family has suffered. There are no jobs because of the crisis here, so I was advised to start up a business with European help.

If you desire to help, send help to Paypal using the button on our site: or log in to Paypal using as email reference to pay money.I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2010.

Russell Durose

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