The difference between the ideal and reality

Abraham looked for a city, whose maker, architect/designer is God: Hebrews 11:10.

I am meditating upon two situations: one being ideal the other that contrasts is reality.

The ideal is presented, and we base our lives on the Word of God. It is our Guide, our Source, our Sustenance. In it we find all we need to live a blessed and prosperous life.

But the reality is different. We live very unstable lives, plagued by sickness, poverty, unresolved circumstances. We look in dismay. Where is the dream? Where is our life’s project?

Many through this financial collapse lost homes, lost businesses, lost marriages, and finally lost mental or physical health.

So what we do to capture the ideal and make it manifest in our lives?

Or are we simply living a philosophical crutch that has not got reality nor ideology behind it. That is the conundrum we face today.

I am looking at Christmas, a time to turn to family values. Yet we are far away from being healthy in these values. I speak generally.

I believe it is time for a new Reformation in the Church. A reformation against the current Evangelical wing of the Universal Church. We have failed in one area: love. We are now too selfish and too opinionated to come out of ourselves to know what love is.

We have created another God! It is called COMFORT. We do everything, spend everything in function of having comfort zones where Christ has no room. We invent another Gospel to defend our zone!!!

It is time to challenge established bastions of manipulation and the power mad. Whose influence over those with money, giving them influence in spiritual areas, whilst profaning the most Holy places.

Jesus spoke about this when He washed the disciples’ feet. He gave the greatest example by becoming the least.

Even at this Christmas time, we remember the birth of Jesus and remember a story long remembered. But we forget that that Holy Babe only was seen and cherished by those who recognized the times and recognized who had come to manifest. Those who had angels come to them leading them to where Jesus la, were priveleged to the most profound glimpse into eternal purposes. Jesus was born enshrouded in ministry, lived in ministry, died a mystery. Only those who God chose, were party to the context and meaning of this mystery.

Finally, I turn to this time of transition to 2010, where we look back on what was 2009. For me it was not a good year circumstancially speaking. But in the spiritual was the best!

I must admit I live way below the ideal, for me reality hit me between the eyes. I saw our ministry and projects lose support. I saw people betray us, our health also was attacked from March onward. My wife contracting illnesses, and myself too.

I must ask myself, what do I do? I abandon the ideal/Word of God/vision? Or do I do like Abraham, continue looking for God’s city? Do I abandon my values in search of solutions?

Sarah said to Abraham that God’s word had not manifested in 13 years, it was time to act. With their flesh, they created an Ishmael which has plagued our race ever since.

What I must do is covenant with God in the midst of my trial to retain integrity, and faith in God! God will turn my captivity. And my Isaac will be born. Laughter (Isaac) will return to my tent.

What I must do in 2010 is teach the ideal and exhorting to faith and patience. For surely God is faithful.

The Bride and the Spirit cry out…Jesus come! Indeed He comes quickly!!!!

Shalom. A happy Christmas to you all. And a wish of a prosperous New Year!

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