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Living to Serve or Serving to Live

This question or statement is a plumb line we must now hold to our ministries and ministerial activity. How many times we get into the routine of activity. Harks back to Shakespeare: To be or not to be…that is the question. Or rather, to be or to do…that is the question. If we’re not being, […]

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Launch: Bibles for the Nations

Dear Brethren, I have repeatedly received requests from pastors for Bibles. They are pleading with us that we have no choice but to hear the Voice of God over this. I am currently negotiating a price with a publisher for at least $10 a Bible and to send them to the countries. We believe that […]

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A hidden plan

Dear all, I woke up this morning, after being in hospital, with my daughter. Serious problems in her arm. We have quite a week of upheavals, problems. But this morning I had clear witness about a hidden plan between governments. Cast your mind to history. In 1933 the world was still reeling from the depression. […]

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Negative Words are the dark web that the devil weaves around us

Dear all, The Lord gave me a spiritual vision and experience today which has opened some spiritual doors. The Lord showed me rays of glory coming down from heaven. But He also showed me many things. It is so common for us in trials to utter, speak negatively. So easy for us to complain. But […]

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The call of Prophets

The call of the prophet in this hour is significant of the hour we are living. They are to bear the Cross where comfort is preached. They are to dress to sacrificial standards when preachers preach money and greed The mourn when everyone is laughing They prophesy judgment when everybody feels a goosebump. Preaches prosperity […]

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Sacrifice and Obedience disappearing from Christian minds and lifestyles

There is a worrying trend in the Church. It is called the pursuit of comfort, and self measured obedience when we feel like it. In fact ohedience always has sacrifices in it. For this reason we see Abraham’s test in Genesis 22. It is the most inspiring and most challenging scripture I know. Here we […]

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Haiti newsflash

John Bevere tells of new Haiti quake today at 6.1 on the Richter scale, continue to pray, its really distressing to see all the destruction.

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Haiti: Official Prophetic Position

We have all seen the horrific pictures of the earthquake that has caused the whole structure of a nation fall. We look on and cannot help a tear rise up into our eyes. I have heard little from any prophetic site, or any prophet for that matter concerning this. It puzzles me how we can […]

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Breaking the Mould- Breaking expectations Ephesians3:20

There is a desperate need to change the sphere of what is Church in the locality. The church in its traditional setting is not meeting the needs of the people, they are tired, exhausted of the same thing, negative circumstances. The devil has used our expectation to condition our thinking. We need to ask God […]

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