Change of Paradigm Acts 2

I am maturing my power of contemplation. It is a must this post on the blog Portugal Fire! The reason being that Portugal Fire! And the challenge that we have received and represent must make the difference.

We do meetings about this, we are passionate for change, be radical, make the difference. But do we really make the difference? No. I say no because we are often moved by emotion.

Let me break this down.

1. Change never comes in meetings, messages. It comes in covenantal prayer.
2. Change must be reflected on.
3. Change must be prepared for.
4. Change must be patient waiting for.
5. Decide how we react in a process of change. Will we become the obstacle of what we are praying for?
6. We must be united and motivated for change.
7. We must know what the change is: the Word has examples.

In Acts 1&2 we see the process of change. All words and intentions became reality when the Spirit was poured out. The Church prophesied, spoke about and aspired for only came into existence when the Spirit was poured out.

We speak very nice terms, we speak of levels, anointings, paradigms, and shifts. We should be speaking for and seeking for a new pouring out according to Joel 1 and Acts 2.

Let us let go of modernisms, and go back to the Bible. Let us not divorce WHAT the Spirit does to WHO He is!

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