Haiti: Official Prophetic Position

We have all seen the horrific pictures of the earthquake that has caused the whole structure of a nation fall. We look on and cannot help a tear rise up into our eyes.

I have heard little from any prophetic site, or any prophet for that matter concerning this. It puzzles me how we can be so silent regarding such a heartrending issue.

From a prophetic point of view we must follow strictly what the Bible says about this. The disasters we are seeing on a global scale is the groaning of the world, literal birth pangs for the full revelation of the sons of God, and the coming of Jesus Christ.

It is however unfortunate that hundreds and thousands have to die. God takes no pleasure in this. But we have reference that revival very often proceeds from disasters like this. So as unfortunate as it can be the human heart has hardened more. Become more selfish and self sufficient.

Without transmitting any prejudice or preconception, I see those in Haiti with nothing, now going back to God. How tragic is the state of the human heart!

It is now up to us, the Church to extend a hand to reconstruct the spirit of that nation, root out the witchcraft which was rife there, and with our love, our help, our aid, we must show the God of love. This is the time now. We have a window of opportunity.

Who knows if Europe will soon be shaken by a massive earthquake, or Britain. How will we respond?

Let us donate to the official charities there. One such minister, John Bevere flew there today to take much needed help. Let us follow his example. Until next time.

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