Sacrifice and Obedience disappearing from Christian minds and lifestyles

There is a worrying trend in the Church. It is called the pursuit of comfort, and self measured obedience when we feel like it.

In fact ohedience always has sacrifices in it. For this reason we see Abraham’s test in Genesis 22.

It is the most inspiring and most challenging scripture I know. Here we see obedience of the highest order…the death of his earthly love: Isaac. His focus was His Love for God. We cannot obey whom we do not love. For this reason God was pleased with him. His uplifted hand, with knife poised to kill was enough to show God how much Abraham loved Him.

How much do you love God?

What do you know about obedience?

This age is an age of disobedience, because our love for God has grown cold.

Obedience is not a choice, when love is involved there is an obligation.

1 Corinthians 13 shows us the nature of that love. Suffers all. Withstands all. When this fails, we are merely being religious.


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