A hidden plan

Dear all,
I woke up this morning, after being in hospital, with my daughter. Serious problems in her arm.

We have quite a week of upheavals, problems. But this morning I had clear witness about a hidden plan between governments. Cast your mind to history. In 1933 the world was still reeling from the depression. A Nazi government came to power after the German economy collapsed. The currency lost so much value that workers were paid by the hour with barrow loads of notes. The crisis facilitated the rise of Hitler, not only to revolutionize that economy but put the whole masculine population to war in 1939.

I see similar patterns today. I see over 30% of the European population unemployed, governments unable to fund the bill. The one way to resolve this is a war. I know to you it may sound drastic but it is the only logical and politically correct way to kill off a generation. When you think about the problem of governments cutting rights to support from the state= social unrest, the war option is one way to do away with this messy problem.

This may shock you. But think about it. Unemployed long term, not enough to feed families, not enough to live, nothing to do each day for years, result=crime. What simpler way to eradicate these things with war.

These were my thoughts this morning. Send me feedback. Send your thoughts.


Russell A. Durose

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