Negative Words are the dark web that the devil weaves around us

Dear all,
The Lord gave me a spiritual vision and experience today which has opened some spiritual doors. The Lord showed me rays of glory coming down from heaven. But He also showed me many things.

It is so common for us in trials to utter, speak negatively. So easy for us to complain. But the Lord showed me a dark web. This dark web is constructed by our negative words. It is so tight, that we become prisoner of our own words.

If we speak failure and defeat we shall be bound and condemned by our words to that destiny. Once we speak the Word, the web becomes weak with the intense light.

The Lord is coming to bring you freedom, cut the authority of your negative words and the darkness that surrounds them.

For in 2010 you will know victory.

It reminds me of a young man I used to know, who could not get free of rejection. He thought it, he spoke it. Because of this after 20 years I recently was in contact, he is still living the same cycle. How sad!

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