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The One man and few gifted Ministries is over

I have been in deep dialogue with the Lord. I have been watching the international scene of ministries. The Lord is calling 2010 the year of the saints. It is the year when work that the Holy Spirit began will start in earnest. I am sat here in another city, out on mission. There is […]

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A Word about falling ministers

Much news is coming concerning the finish of Benny Hinn’s marriage. It is harming very much the testimony. The charismatic world is reeling from this scandal. I say scandal, because it brings up many fundamental questions. I really am not writing to criticize or even speculate concerning the man. I think its tragic that a […]

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Attitudes in a famine Part 2: Sow

We are still looking at Genesis 26. I believe it to be the key to our current season. The first attitude we saw was STAY. Now it is SOW. This is a contrary attitude to the one that the majority take. When there is famine, there is a tendency to hold onto what one has! […]

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I do not believe in the Local Church

Yes, you saw it! And I am serious! I do no longer believe in the local Church. In its present form. I believe that many approaches have been tried, including Faith Groups, Family Groups, the Organic Church. I believe that this is valid, but they can go off on dogmatic tangents. I believe though they […]

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Attitudes in a famine Part 1: Covenant is our foundation

It has been some days since posting our messages on this server. But since then our silence, our mission has been all this week. We are still taking lessons from Genesis 26, when Isaac had a miraculous harvest and miraculous wells. The Lord has much to teach us today from this passage. The first thing […]

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WordPress failure

Tonight WordPress failure has caused the disappearence temporarily of 9.2 million blogs of all shapes and sizes. Let’s see when we can see them recovered.

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What Power works in you? Ephesians 3:20

We often quote this verse yet we fail to see it is conditional. The latter part gives us the condition. According to the power that WORKS within us!!! I want to ask, what power is at work in you? For many it is works of the flesh! What does it produce? Nothing. Rather, our works […]

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Few days mission

Please pray for us as we are out on mission. Please also pray that we receive donations from the saints as we are needing these. If you desire to donate please send via Paypal on and label your gift “mission fund”. Our mission is encouraging the saints to believe for revival. Portugal needs a […]

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A most important post

An urgent and necessary emailRussell A DuroseFeb 12, 2010 Dear brethren,I am writing this email. It is not just an appeal but a email from the heart. We are just about to head out of town on urgent family matter in the area of health. What we are needing more than anything is your support. […]

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Fire! Centres

A vision is taking shape using metaphorical and hypothetical situations. To have a bonfire you need many sticks and trunks together to catch alight. All touching each other. We have had many invites talking about us visitting them. We make a proposal to start a Fire! Network. That they become part of a world network […]

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