Moving onto a New Well Part 2: Contention, Opposition enemies of revival in a local

We continue our study into Isaac in Genesis 26. The Lord is stirring me today. We have hit a quiet season, small season I may add. The Lord is speaking through His Prophets concerning a revival.
But where it will be will be key to the impact of revival on our communities.
The first thing we must notice is that Isaac started to MOVE in covenant. He opened up promises made to his father Abraham. We must see the IMPORTANCE of generational covenants and anointings. Not just physical but spiritual generations.
We must see that they UNLOCK untold resources.
But as with any breakthrough our own people begin to dispute. We read in Frank Bartleman’s book that in the Azusa Street revival, the one thing that started the decay spiritually was disputes. Doctrinal and structural. From then on the disputes opened the way to grieve deeply the Spirit. This in 1911 was no comparison to revival in 1906. Five years all it took for all revival to disappear. What started it? The “Esek” well. Read for yourself: Genesis 26: 20.
As with the case, we read on in history, when Azusa fell, God moved to to Eighth and Maple street. God is never restricted. God moves on at the first sign of disputes.
Then as Isaac moved on he encountered opposition. Quarrels turned into downright opposition. When we oppose God’s appointed men, used in revival, in authority in God’s time we stifle any chance for revival. The New Testament Church used in the time of the 1906 revival rejected it, Joseph Smale becoming an oppositor, and subsequently the crowds and congregation left. No doubt that was the end of that church.
And so it is down history. Disputes and opposition lead to rebellion, and God does not revive rebellion.
Let us ponder on this!!!

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