Moving onto a New Well: Part 4 When the Lord appears

We read that after God gave “Rehoboth” to Isaac that at night God appeared to him. Read Genesis 26: 23. In this visitation God reiterates to him the same covenant as made to his father Abraham.
We see when God gives us ROOM and REST that He also visits us with a new and greater measure of covenant.
The covenant is ratified, the altar is raised, and God’s name is revealed. Is this reminiscent of revival? I believe so. God is looking to apply generational covenants to us. He is looking to see new altars raised. And curiously they yet dig a new well. So once we raise up sacrificial worship, proclaiming the revelation of His Name, we see new water flow again!!! So it is today. God is looking to establish us. But He wants us to come into a great ratification in the Spirit first! How many altars are raised without a ratification?

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