Before the well a Harvest: Genesis 26: Part 1 Stay

We looked at the whole implication of the truth concerning wells. We see that wells are MEETING PLACES with God.
But to get the whole context we must move up to the beginning of the chapter. Here we see other truths which will reinforce what Isaac did according to wells.
The first thing we note is God’s command to Isaac to STAY in the land!!!
Context: famine. This famine was worse than the one in Abraham’s days. Hence there is a motivation to move. What does God say? STAY! God says stay for the following reasons:
1. Here is blessing for Obedience
2. Here is a land of covenant
3. Here you stay not moved by circumstances.
4. Here you see God’s Hand to perform miracles.
5. Here you see God move contrary to what is seen and heard.
5 truths and 5 messages.
Obedience is unconditional. It demands out of covenant; of faith; of love, our unconditional submission to Him who calls us.
Many think we have a choice to obey. I say not. Our choice to disobey is a choice to embrace the curse, affliction and hell. For me this is not a choice. If I love God I have no choice but to obey. If I have been joined by covenant, then I must obey.
Isaac could have run to Egypt, but even there the famine spread. So if we think we run in fear, what we fear will catch up with us.
Today we are in a famine. God tells us to be still. He tells us not to fear. But trust! It is a command.
What was the reward of Isaac’s obedience? It was abundance! It was miracles. Obedience brings blessing!


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