Before the well a Harvest: Genesis 26: Part 2: Here is a land of covenant

Where-ever we are is a land of covenant. God gave Canaan to Abraham as a covenant. That is; an inheritance, to inherit, to receive good things. If we are receiving bad experiences, we may need to come back, to this truth. Even when Lot chose the apparent “better” part turned out to be a curse, because Lot “looked” to see which side, he would turn. He was guided by his eyes. Abraham took the lesser part, because spiritual inheritance was already secured! That means that he knew that this situation with Lot, was temporary.

So sometimes we must learn that at times of difficulty we must listen to the Lord. In Genesis 26:1, we are confronted with a situation: famine. In famine, the DRIVE FOR SURVIVAL will speak higher than OUR SPIRITUAL DRIVE which is labelled in Psalm 46:10; “Be still and know I am God.” This is very difficult in extreme circumstances.

I have no doubt that the current economic cloud over the whole world at this time, is indeed a famine. What does our natural drive? To survive. Sometimes that drive interferes with God’s Will for our lives.

We are needing to come back to the basic: Here is the land of covenant. Let us prophesy and proclaim that it is a land of blessing and peace, not because of trees and beauty, but because of promise!

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