The full time ministry; special post!!!

Full time ministry I must confess CAN be the most stressful. Especially if our time is trying to resolve problems instead of concentrating on the vision, constructing bridges and networking between nations.

Right now, life is not being easy. The wife is not well, family needing particular attention right now. I am in ministry full time, not because I desire it that way. I was called. What the ministry of World Fire! Needs right now is support. Our giving has gone right down, and it is with tears we serve God, because we are needing a prayer warrior hand beside us, or a supporter’s love gift. Right now we are needing urgently support of love gifts to keep going.

If this ministry means anything to you please consider sending a monthly gift to our Paypal account on . Or send us a one of relief donation. The very fact you will send a DONATION will make our NATION a do-nation, a nation of doers. James 2 says we should meet the need, not make pretexts to spiritualize our way out of it.

Please hear our heart and may God bless you.


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