A most important post

An urgent and necessary emailRussell A DuroseFeb 12, 2010

Dear brethren,I am writing this email. It is not just an appeal but a email from the heart. We are just about to head out of town on urgent family matter in the area of health. What we are needing more than anything is your support.

You are getting this email because I regard you dearly, and love you dearly in the Lord. Many times you have sent love messages, sent encouragement.We have passed through a month of great trials. We have had car breakdown, tyres slashed by demon possessed people, we have had water and electricity threatened suspension, my daughter have her arm immobilized by an irresponsible nurse who touched a nerve, I had heart attack, then bronquitis, Paula having a debilitating time not sleeping properly for two months.

Now in my wife’s family, a member has battled with cancer 3 years. So in all of this what we need above all is your intercession.Not just a quick bless me prayer. But we know of you we do not have a quick flighting thought. We know many who receive this mailing receive us and support us with love.We are needing right now finances to live on for the next few days. We ask for your love to send us.

We are soldiers in ministry, and right now the enemy is working hard to put us down. What we need is prayerful and practical help right now.We have family members in deep depression. We need to visit and minister and try to help. We ask you, in the love of Jesus if you can help us by sending a DO-Nation through Paypal on our site http://www.prayer-revival-initiative.com or log into Paypal direct and send your seed to Radurose@aol.com .

We really need you to reply to our email, so that we know we are not alone in the fight of faith and that we can count on your prayers.I know times are not easy for any of you. I know we live in end times. But the Body is there for helping each other. Please reply when you can.RussellRussell A.Durose http://www.prayer-revival-initiative.com. Paypal: radurose@aol.com

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