Attitudes in a famine Part 1: Covenant is our foundation

It has been some days since posting our messages on this server. But since then our silence, our mission has been all this week.

We are still taking lessons from Genesis 26, when Isaac had a miraculous harvest and miraculous wells. The Lord has much to teach us today from this passage.

The first thing we must notice is the famine. It was bad. It made everyone run. The fact is we must watch what the majority do, and we know that the majority of times God asks us to do what is opposite to the majority.

God showed Isaac the POWER of covenant in staying in the land through a hard famine. It is covenant that sustains. Even when outwardly seems we are wasting away, becoming dry, the covenant shows us that what is more important is WAITING on God for miraculous and supernatural provision.

When all around is fleeing in fear, you are STAYING in the Spirit of faith. In that way you have HIDDEN water springing up to bring your harvest and wells to quench your thirst.

What is covenant? It is a meeting with God for eternal purposes.

  1. #1 by Robert Sticek on February 20, 2010 - 9:23 pm

    Good word, sir.

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