Attitudes in a famine Part 2: Sow

We are still looking at Genesis 26.

I believe it to be the key to our current season.
The first attitude we saw was STAY. Now it is SOW.

This is a contrary attitude to the one that the majority take. When there is famine, there is a tendency to hold onto what one has!

Jesus used the illustration that if one does not use what one has he would lose it. Here this applies. SEED is meant to be sown. In a famine it is not good to not sow, it is useless.

This implies the need to act. Prophecy given without obedience of the beneficiary profits nothing. If one is prophetically destined to be a preacher, will never be a preacher unless he prepares, and waits. A seed is never a harvest without sowing first!!!

In a famine, we must never accept the restriction. The majority attitude. We must act the opposite. Sowing requires faith! It means giving our destiny into the Hand of God.

Once Isaac sowed he put in motion the power of His Personal Covenant with God. In sowing he put his faith in God, the covenant, to work.

So what is stopping you putting your personal covenant to work? Unbelief, fear?

If you hang onto your seed, you will die. You will die hanging onto potential not realized. How many dreams, projects, die in our hearts? How many promises has God given you, but you have died spiritually before they have come to pass.

Maybe discouragement has made you stop sowing. Maybe Satan is using this to kill your inner man. You must get up and look to the barren land, and see what God sees.

God asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?”
God wants us to prophesy His Word.

Do not hang onto your seed: dreams, promises, visions, projects, ministries, business. The answer is SOW.

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