A Word about falling ministers

Much news is coming concerning the finish of Benny Hinn’s marriage. It is harming very much the testimony. The charismatic world is reeling from this scandal. I say scandal, because it brings up many fundamental questions.

I really am not writing to criticize or even speculate concerning the man. I think its tragic that a man of so many years of ministry should fall this way.

But some fruit is about to come of it. That is, we must look beyond the man and see God at work.

We saw how the Lakeland meetings were affected with the divorce of Todd Bentley.

What is God saying?

GOD HAS FINISHED using the one personality and one name ministry. God is wanting to use a generation. Wanting to call a Generation. We must see that all the “great” men of God are dying off and we must see that we are being invited to grow up. We must stop trusting in men! We must see that God will use who He must.

When we centre a ministry on gift, influence, we see Satan come and attack fiercely. Once the enemy can undermiune the “leader” the whole work is undermined.

God is wanting to send a generation!!! This will be harder to conquer. God is wanting a corporate priesthood. Wanting a nation! When this is following ministry and leadership models from 30 years ago, it cannot work. We must become a nation conscious, priesthood conscious people.

Let us not be scandalized by the fall of leaders, rather embrace the realignment.


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