The One man and few gifted Ministries is over

I have been in deep dialogue with the Lord. I have been watching the international scene of ministries.

The Lord is calling 2010 the year of the saints. It is the year when work that the Holy Spirit began will start in earnest. I am sat here in another city, out on mission. There is a unfinished building opposite. Not been touched for a long time. The Lord is speaking that many saints have had the foundations finished. But no walls of protection, no windows to let the light of Christ come in. There is no covering of the Roof of Headship put in place.

The Lord indicates that the human heart has put all of its expectations in the few…letting them pay the whole price of praying, covering, ministering. The Lord tells me, it is over!

The Lord wants to raise up a Holy Priesthood. And that is why He is allowing to fall some. For the good of the whole. Many of God’s great men, and women, are ministering beyond God’s time, because they rejected the discernment to stop and change direction.

It is time to stop and change direction. If you don’t you will die, or fall. Take your pick.

Recognize the season and you will prosper. Walk in the Spirit and God will bring you into a new place of anointing and being in God.

The day of the few is over. This is the year of ACTIVATION.

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